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Item : Samsung Pn63B590 63-Inch 1080p Plasma Hdtv (mi mang, Price: £245)

home with this Samsung plasma Hdtv. Touch of Color Make a statement with Samsungs new Touch of Color design. It features a hint of clear-to-charcoal gray naturally blended into the traditional piano black frame. Transforming our already stylish Tvs into a work of art it truly is unlike anything you ve ever seen. 600Hz Subfields Ever notice how with plasma screens motions can get a little jerky? Unless you happen to be looking at one of Samsungs new plasma Tvs. Every frame is seamlessly smooth because we put 10 full subfields into each frame. Thats 600Hz. So contours are crisper scrolling text sharper and the juddering issue is finally put to rest. built-in digital tuner (Atsc Clear Qam) The Samsung plasma Tvs have all the tuners you need for any type of cable service including high definition. New Black Panel When it comes to our new plasmas were working very hard to keep you in the dark. Thats why we developed new Black Panel technology. It analyzes each scene then brings the blacks down to absolute black. So light doesnt escape and the contrast ratio is preserved. Along with the scary parts of the movie youre watching. 18 bit processing capacity