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Item : Nokia N92 Phone (Unlocked) with Us Warranty (mi mang, Price: £178)

While the phone looks like a mild-mannered clamshell phone the top portion of the flip cover actually twists which allows the phone to be held much like a camcorder. The phones secondary external screen sports 128 x 36 resolution with support for 65000 colors while the main 2.8-inch anti-glare screen inside the flip has a resolution of 320 x 240 pixels with support for up to 16 million colors. Internal memory storage is a generous 90 Mb and you can add external storage via the aforementioned Mmc memory card slot. Cards are hot-swappable too so you dont have to power the unit down to change them. High speed data transfer to and from the device is supported by the N90s Usb 2.0-compatible &quot Pop-Port&quot The N92 is optimized for watching Tv and videos with up to 4 hours of viewing recording and 30 seconds replay. Operation is simple-open the N92 in View mode and press the multimedia key. Information about available Tv channels programs and services is provided through the Electronic Service Guide. You can also interact with the Tv through services such as voting program feedback and additional web discovery. It supports the Gprs data protocol as well as high-speed Edge wireless data service and Umts (Umts Wcdma 2100 Mhz) 3g wireless broadband Note that 2100 Mhz service is not offered by any U.S. carrier at this time) The N92 supports the Nokia Web Browser with Mini Map which provides a semi-transparent zoomed-out view of a web page that enables you to quickly orient yourself on a small screen. With an overall view of the web page you can intuitively navigate to all corners of it as well as see the web page as it was originally designed. With support for the Mms (multimedia messaging service the phone can send picture video and text messages and when coupled with the phones powerful camera Mms opens up great opportunities for robust messaging. Instant messaging is also supported and the phone ships with a built-in email client that supports Pop3 Imap and Smtp protocols. And because the N92 is a Symbian smartphone (running the S60 3rd edition Os it supports opening and editing of those important attachments-documents spreadsheets Pdfs and more. The 2-megapixel camera (1600 x 1200 pixels) includes a 4x digital zoom and integrated flash and it also captures video at 15 frames-per-second (fps. A second Cif camera (352 x 288 pixels) is built into the N92 which allows the user to take part in video conference calls. The Nokia