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Item : Htc Google Nexus One Quad Band 3g Hsdpa Wifi Gps Android Gsm Mobile Phone (mi mang, Price: £154)

lding it as an &quot iphone killer&quot before even seeing it. Fast forward to today. The phone is out and the reviews are in. If youre looking for a consensus you will be sorely disappointed. There is both plenty to love (Snapdragon 1ghz processor) and grouse about (where is the multitouch with the Nexus One Read Pc Worlds complete review Google Nexus One Heres a rundown of what reviewers are saying about the Nexus One. The Aesthetic Appeal Across the board reviewers are impressed by the Nexus Ones sleek design. The screen 480 by 800 pixel 3.7-inch touch screen is gorgeous. Pc World said in its own review of the phone &quot The Nexus Ones 3.7-inch Amoled display has drawn a lot of attention and for good reason The display is superb. Indeed photos and videos of the phone dont do it justice. You need to view t