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Is A Forensic Loan Audit Your Answer

Most homeowners who are losing their homes are hopeless and feel powerless. The big lending companies are so over burdened by people who cannot make their payments, that they are not adequately handling the short sales that would eliminate and prevent their REO inventory.

With the specter of foreclosure on their financial radar, many people who go through the short sale process have no options but to file bankruptcy as a back up plan.

Should a homeowner request a forensic loan audit?

A lot of the concerns of homeowners can be addressed by a simple forensic audit of your home loan, which can reveal any mistakes the lender made in completing your loan. The reason this a great step to take is because over 82% of all lender have been cited for compliance violations which require them to pay the customer money back.

The seriousness of the types of mistakes lenders make ranges from fraud all the way to simply mistakes in accounting. Regardless of the severity, the buyer is entitled to certain information regarding their loan, and any lending company who does not permit it, is liable under various lending laws.

What can a forensic loan audit for you?

For far too many property owners the basic strategy boils down to stopping payment on their home loan. If homeowners simply started to take the money they would normally pay toward their home payment and purchase a forensic audit of their mortgage, they would have the bank paying them for not following proper procedure in most cases.

With a 100% money back guarantee, and the attorneys agreeing to work on a contingency basis it nearly always ends up costing the homeowner nothing, and making them thousands. Anyone who is having trouble paying for their home loan will benefit from getting one soon!

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