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Interior Design in 2010

In 2010, as with 2009, trends in Interior Design will be dominated by the poor economic situation. People will be looking more to entertaining at home instead of eating out and seeking money-saving solutions to home decorating. Sustainability of materials along with the recycling and repurposing of items will have a large effect on trends this year. Here are a few of our 2010 predictions.

Natural Materials – 2010 will see great popularity in the use of natural materials. Solid wood floors are already popular in many homes and this trend will continue, however this year will see natural materials becoming more popular throughout the home. Solid wood furniture with a visible grain and natural stone products will prevail over modern alternatives such as man-made boards, plastic or glass. Popular wood products this year will be eastern hardwoods such as acacia or sheesham along with a welcome return in popularity for untreated pine furniture.

Classic Vintage Looks – Minimalistic, hard lines are out this year to be replaced with country or vintage styles. Try a combination of styles to create an air of modern eclectic opulence. Look out for shag pile or animal skin rugs, Chesterfield sofas, antique and eastern influenced rustic furniture and printed fabrics and wall coverings. Perfection is out, warmth and comfort is in.

Green – This year’s colour will be green in all its guises. Teals and turquoises are definitely hot and bold floral prints will be popular. Use as an accent colour with creams and off-whites for a classic colour combination. Alternatively, mix light teals and blue-greys with splashes of bold accent colours such as purples or oranges.

More Green – Not the colour green, this time we mean eco-friendly. Sustainability is no longer simply a buzz word for eco-warriors or a cool word used to sell solar panels and 2010 will see a great deal of more sustainable products that just happen to also look great. Sustainable woods such as mango and bamboo will rise in popularity and recycled and repurposed items are no longer for hippies. Recycled furniture and creative use of repurposed items given a second life is key. Inventive use of materials not only looks good but is a real money saver.

Staying in – Since the recent economic downturn, more and more people have been deciding upon entertaining at home as opposed to going out. This trend will continue throughout 2010 and beyond. Comfortable, stylish designs are a must if you’re entertaining at home and nothing creates a talking point like a stylishly repurposed item. Now is the time to dig out that old Chesterfield sofa and recover it in printed fabric or repaint that old battered coffee table. Get creative with ideas.

Outdoor Entertainment – This summer will be big for outdoor entertaining, weather permitting, and the same design trends will be popular outdoors as well as in such as solid wooden garden furniture, eastern influenced planting and repurposed items.

As with all trend predictions, they are just that, a prediction. We’re not saying that you should rush out and buy everything on our list; these are just a list of items we think will be popular this year. Just be sure to make your home your own and decorate it the way you prefer. After all, you’re the person who’ll be living in it and what’s the point in spending time decorating your own home in a way you don’t like?

This article is by James, who writes regularly for prestigious furniture sites such as Sheesham Furniture. James has is passionate about furniture and interior design and also writes regularly for great sites including Big Bean Bags amongst others.