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Indoor Tanning Lotion: Avoid Unnecessary Risks

When you go to your appointment at a tanning salon, expect to be asked to buy indoor tanning lotion at least once or maybe even twice. When you make the purchase, this increases the salon’s bottom-line. Even though you have to pay extra for the lotion, it is still a very good idea to use one. The failure to do so could result in injury to your delicate skin, a blotchy tan, and burns.

With so many kinds of lotion available today, you may have a hard time deciding which one to use. You can choose from bronzers, tingle, or standard lotions. Some lotions incorporate both bronzers and tingling agents in their formulas.

Manufacturers have included additional ingredients in tanning lotions to ensure that your skin remains protected and moisturized during the tanning process. Tanning lotions today now include hemp seed oil, anti-aging blends, and skin firming compounds. You will see these ingredients in the label on the bottle. The more advanced ingredients there are in the formula, the more expensive the lotion will be.

If you’re looking for a deep, dark tan that will emerge as quickly as possible, then consider a bronzer lotion. Bronzers are very effective in obtaining darker color very fast. Their ingredients can transform pale skin into deep brown color very quickly. The lotion works by attaching to the natural oils in your skin to give you a darker color in a short period of time. Bronzers can give you noticeable darker skin in as little as two salon visits.

Finding a good indoor tanning lotion should be your top priority when you visit the tanning salon. You should take the proper precaution to avoid unnecessary risks and make the experience as pleasant as possible. Keep your skin supple and protected by using a good lotion. Your skin will thank your for it as you get older.

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