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Inconvenient Truths About Skin Care

Doesn’t matter how great your hair looks, if your skin has problems you’ve got problems.

And any resulting desperation might explain all the bad self help type skin care advice going around. You know you need help you just don’t know where to turn. Well let’s see if we can’t briefly dispel some of the more prevalent misconceptions from the need for special eye cream to how to deal with those rough, dry, callused heels.

Word on the Street: Special eye cream is called for to maintain the delicate skin around your eyes.

Better Advice: Yes the skin around your eyes is thin. Yes you may want to lavish on it some extra TLC. But no, that does not require you to pay through the nose for eye cream that comes micro sized. You may find the problem is lotions that smell good. If you look for fragrance free you may discover you can skip the special eye cream section altogether.

Word on the Street: You can become addicted to various lip balms used to treat chapped lips.

Better Advice: Lip balms do not contain drying ingredients. Nor are they addictive. So while it may seem you can’t live without them, it’s more likely that repeated licking of your lips is what is dehydrating them – saliva being acidic and all. It’s better to curb the lip licking and use balms containing softeners such as jojoba or shea butter. Or those with gylcerin or mineral oil in them as they won’t come off as easily.

Word on the Street: If you want a fast solution don’t be stingy with the skin care product.

Better Advice: Well perhaps. Then again maybe not. When it comes to skin care issues we all want results as soon as possible. But more isn’t always better. Especially if you’re dealing with active ingredients like retinol or the hydroxy acids included to make your skin smooth, clear up acne and all. Vat sized amounts of that can do more harm than good.

Word on the Street: Everybody could use a toner.

Better Advice: Truth is a skin toner is best for those with skin that is very oily or who have extreme problems with blemishes. If you use it on more normal skin you’re eliminating the very oils you skin needs to stay healthy, supple not to mention softer.

Word on the Street: You can use skin care products right up to the last drop or dab.

Better Advice: Actually some such products have preservatives in them for a reason. And when they stop preserving or have evaporated it’s time to get a fresh bottle, jar or tube. It’s safe to say after a year or so you might best want to restock.

Word on the Street: To soften those heels moisturize.

Better Advice: The best foot lotion likely can’t penetrate that thick hide that’s built up on your heels. Exfoliate after showering and before moisturizing to give the moisturizer half a chance to work.

As you can see you can’t just blindly accept the skin care tips others share. After all many times the myths have been perpetuated by the beauty industry itself. They’ve got truckloads of product to sell you know. So you need to have the insight to get to the truth behind skin care myths for yourself. That way the complete package, hair, eyes and radiant skin combine to present your best you.

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