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Improving Mood With Weight Loss

Feeling grumpy? Are you experiencing a chronic bad mood? Do you feel like there’s nothing to do about it? Well…according to the Society for the Study of Ingested Behavior you might want to consider weight loss. Depressed individuals participating in a study who lost weight actually experienced a mood improvement as a result of the weight loss.

The Society for the Study of Ingested Behavior conducted a 6 month study; a supervised weight loss program. 51 participants (both depressed and non-depressed) were expected to use meal replacements and lifestyle changes to achieve weight loss. Depressed individuals averaged 8% weight loss while non-depressed individuals averaged 11% weight loss.

Two risk factors for heart disease and stroke are unhealthy weight levels and depression. So the possibility to eliminate both risk factors with one action is highly promising. It could offer drastic health benefits to those suffering from obesity and/or general weight issues.

The better mood as a benefit of weight loss is a very desirable benefit for many. But it’s not the only one that comes with weight loss. Depressed participants of the study also saw a decrease in triglycerides. Since they, too, are a common risk factor for both stroke and heart disease their reduction served as another health benefit in favor of weight loss.

Weight loss experts often hear testimonials from weight loss success stories featuring comments on better mood, increased energy, increased zest for life, increased activity levels and more. These common phrases indicate a drastic mood change in comparison to the mood of the individuals prior to losing weight.

Weight loss is a definite health benefit for depressed individuals as it offers a mood improvement. But many are urging further study into the benefits of weight loss to those with mental disorders and extreme mental issues including/regarding: anxiety, extreme lack of confidence, panic disorder, debilitating negative self image, etc. Tentative benefits are being discussed with definite intentions to study them further to actually define links between weight loss and mental health improvement.

As more information is released on the benefits of weight loss more individuals consider it an important aspect of their health regime. Risks for common illnesses and diseases are much lower when individuals are able to maintain a healthy weight.

While there are many ways to increase the general health of an individual…there aren’t many as all encompassing or all natural as weight loss. Weight loss in general applies to a large portion of the public and will continue to benefit all who use it to incorporate healthier lifestyle choices and activities into their daily lives.

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