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Illuminative Paper Lanterns

Places where happy events are staged very often are illuminated with Hanging Paper lanterns. Although used as temporary decorations, these decorative lanterns are also used for permanent illumination in buildings and gardens. Hanging paper lanterns are available either fully assembled or ready to put together.

People now have the option to buy decorative lanterns that need assembly at home or ones that are pre-assembled. Assembling decorative paper lanterns is easy. Twenty minutes is all you need to assemble a hanging paper lantern.

Also, an expanding metal tool is supplied with hanging paper lanterns. The cord used to nag the lantern must be purchased separately. Generally, the length of a cord is about 10 to 15 feet and if you need more than that, an extension cord is the solution.

You need the install the cord after the expansion. Place the cord along the wall and hook it to the ceiling. Use a suitable tape to affix the cord to the ceiling. However, hooks are better than tape to secure the cord. Install the bulb after that.

The cord is attached once the lantern shape is widened. Place the cord up on the surface of the wall. Use hooks to fix the cord to the ceiling. Attaching the cord sometimes requires a suitable tape. However, hooks are more suitable than tape to install the cord. Install the bulb now. Since electric fixtures can ignite, keep enough space on both sides of the lanterns when attaching the bulb.

CFL bulbs are much better than incandescent lights for paper lanterns as the former heats less. Always keep the wattage low as it minimizes the probability of fires. After attaching, switch on the light to see if it works properly. Occasionally, it may not work due to erroneous installation. Check the installation for proper usage.

Cody Scholberg, a lighting expert, writes about paper lanterns. Check out this post on using chinese paper lanterns to repel mosquitoes!