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Ideas To Budget Family Expenses On Clothing

Are the costs of buying clothing for your family getting out of control? Does everyone want the latest thing, and outfits to show off to friends? This can be tempting, but it gets expensive.

The key is to find the happy medium between looking like a New York fashionplate and looking like you shop at thrift stores. You can buy attractive, well-made clothing that expresses your personality without spending a fortune. Here are tips for clothes shopping for the family, to help you find this happy medium:

Stay away from trends. Trends come and go. Inevitably what was hot one day will be seen as ridiculous the next. If you are always following the latest designs to come out of Tokyo or Paris, you’ll end up with an expensive wardrobe you won’t want to wear!

Extreme clothes that don’t fit your personal style wont’ be worn, even if they are the ‘hot label’. Instead, follow what looks good on your figure, fits with your lifestyle, and suits who you are.

For kids clothes, follow this same sort of rule but with a twist. For ‘trendy,’ replace with ‘character’. Stay away from clothing that features characters from any of the various movies or tv shows aimed at kids. What your child loves to watch today may be old hat to them next month. You don’t want them tiring of their clothing as they tire of a character on television.

Dry cleaning is part of the price of a garment. When you buy a garment that has to be dry cleaned, this greatly increases the cost of wearing that article of clothing. What can seem cheap at the store suddenly becomes pretty expensive over time. Don’t buy clothing that must be dry cleaned.

You should be buying clothing you can take care of adequately at home with a minimum of effort and expense. Use special detergents if you must to help your clothes resist fading, but don’t buy items that have to be washed on special settings, or can only be handwashed and air dried, and so on. Go for easy to care for and durable.

Watch your accessories costs. It can seem like accessories are an easy and inexpensive way to add personality to your outfits. If you go overboard, you’ll spend much more than you expect and it can really add up.

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