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Ideas for Wedding Photographers in Phoenix, AZ

Being a wedding photographer in Phoenix, AZ can have its challenges, but it’s also a dream job. You get to be a part of two people’s special day. You get to be surrounded by love and it’s your job to capture that. Capturing the key moments and laughs is an important job, but it’s also important to remember the location you’re at. The wedding couple chose this place for a reason and most likely it represents some part of their personality.

Working from a sunny location can be a blessing and a curse. Knowing that most likely you’ll be shooting in the sun takes away the pressure of having protection for your camera equipment, but you also have to be very aware of where your light source is coming from and what kind of harsh shadows it’s casting. Try to avoid shooting when the sun is directly overhead. If you can’t help it, then be sure you have a reflector, so you can direct the sun into your shots.

Within Phoenix Arizona, wedding photographers may be presented with a vast array of landscapes with which to shoot. Red rocks, parks filled with cacti, mountains and architecture all come into play in and around Arizona. As a photographer, you should be thinking of how the landscape can help tell the couple’s story. Find the beauty in what you have. If it’s a nature setting, fill up the lens with clouds, sky and land. Let your subject be like flowers rising from the ground.

Natural landscapes can also take many forms. You might be in a park area that has a wild, overgrown feel to it, or you might be in a backyard where flowers are trimmed and hedges are aligned. Think of how this reflects the couple you are shooting. How can you make them feel like an extension of the landscape?

Many people think landscape refers only to plants, flowers and skies, but architecture can also be considered a landscape and is no less beautiful. A towering building can become a silhouette that stands out, or there may be ivy covered arches that create a backdrop for a photo. Beware with outdoor photography of where your light source will be coming from at that specific time of day. Using external flash and reflectors help the photographer control where the light is directed.

For more useful tips and ways to improve your photography, consider joining a photography association. Wedding photographers in Phoenix, AZ have the Arizona Professional Photographers Association at their fingertips. Working with other photographers can expand your horizons and push you out of your comfort zone to help your photography mature.

Any photography assignment can bring stress, but especially so with wedding photography. Having a camera that doesn’t work or a battery that goes dead can be a disaster. Create a checklist of things you need. Also, be sure to have a list of shots the bride and groom want. As the day goes on, cross off the pictures you have taken. Experiment with pictures of the reception or as guests are coming in. These are the times you can play with different levels, focal points and more.

From detail shots to landscape, Phoenix, AZ is a perfect place for wedding photography. There are so many details to be incorporated and so much raw beauty, it’s hard not to get at least a few incredible pictures.

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