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I Want The Best Skin Care Product?

Everybody would love to know the answer the to question: which is the best skin care product? It is the $64,000 question. However, it is not a practical question. Why not? Solely, because there are at least three diverse skin types: dry, normal and oily.

There are also variations of these, including sensitive skin. Furthermore, not all the skin on your body is of the same type either. The question should be: which is the best skin care product for me?

So, if it really is your mission to find out which is the best skin care product for you, then you first have to have your skin type appraised by an expert in skin care. This may cost you a few dollars, but it will prevent you buying skin care goods that are unsuitable for yourself for many years, which would be a greater waste of money.

In deed, our skin can alter type fairly often in our lives. It normally has something to do with hormonal changes for both men and women, so it might be a good idea to get a professional opinion on your skin type every five years or less.

The fact of the matter is that, how you put on your skin care products is equally, if not more important than the brand of your skin care products that you employ. How often you use them is also vitally important. Therefore, no matter what you make your mind up on buying, you must read the instruction leaflet and stick by it.

We all tend to be distrustful of manufacturers’ recommendations because they all recommend slapping it on liberally, so that you have to purchase more, but really, you have to follow their course of action at least for one tub and then make up your mind whether you want to jump ship. It should go without saying that, if the instruction booklet is sketchy or incomprehensible, that you should not buy that merchandise.

Be suspicious of buying skin care ointments when you are abroad. You may see the name of your favourite merchandise being sold really inexpensively in the duty free shop, when you are on holiday in a foreign country, but that product may have been customized to suit the climate of that country. For example, moisturizer for people with dry skin may not have the same ingredients in Thailand as would have in Iceland.

Other general advice on getting the most from your skin care products is to apply them onto a clean surface. That means that it is better to clean off your makeup with makeup remover than it is to use soap and water. Toner and exfoliant will also make it easier get down to your real skin.

The last point is that you may not be able to make a decision on the effectiveness of your skin care product over night. If things seem to be progressing well, then great, carry on, you may find out later that there is something better, but if you come to understand that a skin care product is not right for you, then reject it and move on in your mission for finding out which is the best skin care product for you.

Owen Jones, the writer of this article, writes on many subjects, but is currently involved with Elizabeth Arden makeup. If you are interested in Natural Face Products, please go to our web site for more information now.