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How You Can Reduce The Appearance Of Wrinkles Using Prolou With Syn-Ake

About Prolou

Prolou manufacture their new anti-aging moisturizer in the United Kingdom. If you want to take years off of your face & minimize fine lines and wrinkles, this product is for you.

Painful Choices, Expensive Choices

The face, more than any other body part, expresses how we feel about ourselves and our lives. Over time, these expression lines become ingrained in the facial skin and we develop wrinkles. Until now, there were only two or three options for dealing with wrinkles as a person aged. These options included accepting the wrinkles as a natural part of the aging process, getting a face lift or having Botox injections. Two of the three options were painful and expensive.

Relaxing The Muscles

If the muscles of the face are not continually tensing and relaxing as they display a person’s emotions, if they remain relaxed, wrinkles will not be able to form. The ones that already exist will not get worse and may even become less noticeable. This is the principle behind Prolou. Blocking the muscular contractions and relaxations, the face remains relaxed. The other ingredients in Prolou cause the skin to thicken the collagen in the face and promote skin cell turnover. These things combined are the secret behind the cream.

Syn-ake And The Temple Viper

The main ingredient responsible for the blockage of the muscular contractions in the face is Syn-ake. Syn-ake is a synthetic peptide that imitates Wagerlin-1, a protein found in Temple Viper venom. Actual Temple Viper venom works by paralyzing the victim and causes death. The synthetic peptide in Syn-ake only relaxes the muscles of the face. It is not harmful. In 2006, the makers of Syn-ake won the Swiss Technology Awards for the invention of this remarkable ingredient.

Scientific Research Backs Claims

The research results support the claims of the company. Using Prolou for 28 days, 45 research volunteers applied it morning and night. At the end of the 28 days, wrinkles in the forehead were decreased by 52%. Just 0.5 millimeters of Syn-ake reduced the muscular contractions in the face within hours of application. It is important to note that no animal testing is done on these products.

The Competition’s Data

Out of eight major upscale cosmetic brands, only two were willing to disclose what their research revealed regarding the amount of wrinkle reduction that came from using their anti-aging wrinkle creams. Elizabeth Arden Cosmetics reported a 36% wrinkle reduction and Visifirm reported 44%. Chanel, Revlon, LRT Serum, Clinique, Clarens and Lancome all refuse to disclose the results of their research, which raises the question about what they may be hiding from the public. Surely they would report impressive results if their research had gotten such results.

Prolou’s Complementary Ingredients

The ingredients in Prolou work synergistically to produce the optimal results. Some of these natural ingredients include Squalene, Rose Flower water, Passion Flower oil, Mango Butter, Calendula oil, Jojoba oil and vitamin E. The Squalene, Passion Flower oil, Mango Butter, Calendula oil and Jojoba oil protect the skin from harsh environmental conditions, protect against free radicals, conditions the skin and leaves it feeling silky smooth. The Rose Flower water soothes skin, restores the proper pH level and encourages the skin’s rejuvenation process.

Find more valuable information and details about how you can eliminate or reduce wrinkles when you start using using Prolou Cream today! Prolou Cream is designed to meet your needs when you follow a simple regimen. This and other unique content ” articles are available with free reprint rights.