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How You Can Construct a Quilted Throw and Cover

Quilting is a sewing method of joining two pieces of cloths. It takes several hours to finish the whole project. Large quilting will take a longer time to complete. The following are some tips which you can use when creating a quilt.

First, you must find out how large the quilting will be. For a bed cover, you should measure the size of the bed. The lap robe requires less skills and shorter time to complete.

After that, you must determine a pattern for the quilt. You will also need other materials such as needle, threads and etc. If you are planning to make a bed cover, you should use the widest material that is available. If you are making a lap robe, it should have a width of 60″ so that you don’t have to combine the front and back panel.

You will have to decide on the internal batting for the quilt. If you want a light coverlet, the best option is to use a flannel sheet. The flannel sheet will be used to join the two cloths. if you want to use common batting, make sure it is as wide as the cover. If you do it in this way, it will not be necessary to piece it.

Once you have the internal batting, you should position the back panel on the floor. The floor must have a flat surface. The internet batting must be put above the back panel. The last thing is to place the front panel on top

Later, you must lay the back panel on an even surface like the floor. When you are done, you should position the batting on top of the back panel. You are to position the front panel on top.

After layering the front and back panels, you can start to sew the material together. You should use a needle that has large opening in the head. To make the stitches stronger, you can use 2 – 3 strands for the thread.

The best starting position is in the middle of the material. You can sew into the middle of the material and pull it up on the other side. When you have sew one grid, you must cut off the thread and tie it.

The sewing must be evenly spaced otherwise it will be very messy. After finishing sewing the grids, you can use a sewing machine to stitch the edges. The stitches on the edges will make the work look finished and neat. Quilting can be finished at a minimum of three hours.If the quilt is for the kids, you can use childish patterns such as cars, trains and etc.

Hanna Mckas is a knitting expert who shows people tips on how to pick the finest velvet quilted throw and provides comprehensive tips on picking the right quilted duvet cover to meet your requests.