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How To Use Market Indicators For Forex Trading

If you want to try to make some money by trading in foreign currencies, you obviously need to do a great deal of research. The foundation for this research should be provided for you if you have opened a Forex account with a good Forex broker.

A good Forex broker should provide its account-holders with adequate news and enough charting capabilities to make good financial judgments. Because the Forex market is busy every second of every day, the news has to be up-to-date as well. And accurate.

A Forex market trader endeavours to use market indicators to forecast the future trends of currency pairs – for instance, the UK pound against the US dollar. Market indicators could be good or bad news concerning your target countries.

They might be jobless or gross national product (GNP) figures. Other market indicators might be the threat of war or the rise in the price of oil. In fact, almost all political and economic news can affect the way a currency moves.

These items of news will have a short term or a long term affect on the trend of a currency and the longer term trends are depicted in graphs or charts as they are known as in financial circles. Charting software should be integrated in your Forex trading account system.

These charts can be utilized to trace almost any time span, so you can make a trace of how two currencies fared against each other over the last five years, five months, five weeks, five days or even five hours.

The best technique to make full use of these charts is to use them in conjunction with current affairs. That way, you will see that so-and-so bit of news had so-and-so effect on the market price of so-and-so currency. For example, a steep rise in the price of crude oil will injure the dollar [USD], the pound [GBP] and the Euro [EURO], but it will help the currencies of oil-producing nations.

You can place triggers on your charting software so that you become aware of certain financial events. For instance, if you see that the USD is falling against the GBP, but you think that a fall under 1GBP/2USD is not justified, you could set a trigger point to advise you when that level is attained, so that you can buy back in or sell or reverse whichever position you are holding.

There are a lot of market indicators and if you want to be a flourishing Forex market trader, you will have to learn how to utilize them. There are Stochastics, Fibonacci Retracements and dozens and dozens more.

The good thing about using a Forex broker’s online software is that the raw data is updated automatically, so that when you call up a graph, you know that the data is current and that the market indicators are working as they should be.

The only problem, and it is a big problem, is that then you have to interpret that data in order to forecast the future trend of a currency pair. At the end of the day, it is your money and you cannot criticize the indicators, you can only blame your interpretation of them.

Owen Jones, the author of this article, writes on many topics, but is now concerned with how to be a currency trader. If you are interested in dealing with an FX Trading Account, please go to our web site.