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How To Protect Your Hair From Heat Damage And The Stress Of Modern Life?

Hair is the beauty of your personality. Shining lively hair gives a boost to your look. So, it is always very traumatic and unpleasant to see your hair getting ruined. There are many factors responsible for the damaging hair. Stress and heat damage are the most common factors that, by one way or the other, damage the sparkling and healthy look of your hair.

To guard hair loss from heat damage, watch out for risk factors and act accordingly. Ultraviolet rays from sunlight can contribute to heat damage, so wear a cap while you are out. One should buy good quality shampoos and conditioners, which contain heat-activating proteins that combat hair loss. Nowadays, serums are available that can be used before applying shampoo. They are also worth-mentioning as a mode of treatment.

Avoid using hair dryers and styling straightners as much as you can. Teflon hair straightening irons are known to cause minimum damage as they are ionic hair dryers. Try averting the habit of using these products on damp hair as they might cause harm to them.

Preventing hair loss from stress is the second domain of this article. Stress causes retardation in the growth of hair follicles. Imperfectly matured hair, after a few months, starts to fall, a condition called “Telogen Effluvium”.

In this dynamic, stressful and fashionable environment, you have to take extra care of yourself, in order to look fresh all the time. Men have little to worry when it comes to hair styling, but professional women need to be on their toes when it comes to appearance. Because you become so busy and stressed out in your professional and family life, your personal life starts to get impacted negatively. You do not even realize and you start gaining weight; your skin starts wrinkling and your hair starts drying up.

It becomes extremely important for you to take care of your hair. You can read various hair magazines or even consult a hair specialist, who can give you tips on hair care. Similarly, you should also invest in hair care products, matching your hair texture. You should try to use hair oils and creams that enhance the health of your hair.

An advice from Dermatologists must be taken, who can help in treating and counselling the patient as well as finding the underlying dietary, hormonal, social, psychological, genetic, systemic, and other associated abnormalities, leading to hair fall.

Last but not least, home remedies are of vital importance to circumvent the damage to hair. Application of different types of hair oils with curd, eggs and herbs like coriander are time-honoured remedies. Regular exercise is of vital significance in preventing hair loss. An individual must realize the factors leading to his/her stressful life and should try coping up with them accordingly. Self correction with the advices given above can really bring a considerable change.

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