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How To Pick Out Your Next Necklace

Every outfit can benefit from the perfect necklace. Regardless of what you wear, a necklace is always the perfect finishing touch. Necklaces come in thousands of different styles. The most common ones are covered here.

A pendant necklace will be the cornerstone of your collection. A small pendant hanging from a delicate chain, it should have some sort of meaning to you. Cross, heart, and key pendants are just few of the options out there. This will be your everyday necklace. Anytime you don’t know what necklace to wear, go with this one.

A short strand of pearls or beads is essential to your collection. This may be the least used necklace you will own, however it will equal instant maturity and sophistication when you need it. This necklace will be more expensive than the others. Never buy fake pearls, if you can’t afford real ones, wait until you can.

Every girl should have a navel grazing necklace that will fall down the center of their chest.. These necklaces are multi-stranded and come in all manner of designs and colors, When your modestly cut, neutral color outfit needs a little pick me up, this is where you want to turn. Do not buy this necklace to big or too small.. One will be overpowering, the other will be barely noticeable.

For low cut shirts and dresses, you want a necklace that is just long enough to fall right in the center of your cleavage. There are two types of necklaces for this job; a delicate t-style necklace with a small stone of some sort on the end, or a long chain with beads or charms of some kind interspersed evenly throughout it. The most important thing here is that the necklace be thin and delicate, never big or chunky. You want to draw the eyes and accentuate your cleavage, not cover it up.

A Medium length necklace will go best with a square neckline. Pick one that takes on a round shape against your skin. The ideal length for this necklace is about three fingers above your neckline. One good option for this style is a medium sized bead.

Every necklace you buy should go with at least three of your outfits. Buy with this in mind, and never worry about accessory overkill. A good necklace should be bought in a dark and bright color. If your necklace stands out, tone down your other accessories. If you must add another piece of jewelry, opt for a ring or bracelet.

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