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How To Identify Your Hair Type

Most of the problems that people experience regarding their hair are due to the fact that they are not aware of their hair type. When they are unaware of their hair type, they do not use the hair product accordingly, which leads to damaging their hair. If you know the type of hair that you have, you will be able to deal with them in the right manner by using the right products and treatments, designed for that specific hair type.

The first step to identify your hair is to identify your skin type. The scalp shows the same behaviour as of your skin. If you have dry, normal, oily, normal to dry or normal to oily skin, your scalp also follows the same pattern. Hair types are usually the same as skin types; but they are further classified as straight, wavy, curly, thick or thin.

Normal hair is shiny and a balanced secretion of oil from the glands is in the scalp. Dry hair is prone to damage and tend to break out because of insufficient oil secretions from the glands. This type of hair is coarse and rough and requires proper conditioning. Oily hair has highly active oil glands, which secrete a lot of oil. Oily hair is also shiny but it needs frequent washing; otherwise, the oil glands clog due to dirt and can even attract bacterial infections.

Human hair can be straight, wavy or curly. Variations occur in each type of hair type, and this is the reason why every human being has different hair from his fellow beings. To identify the hair type, one should wash the hair with normal shampoo and allow it to dry without using towel or hair dryer. Once your hair is dried completely, you are ready to identify your hair type.

Your hair is one or combination of the following patterns: 1. Flat and straight 2. Little body but no wave 3. Two or three waves but overall straight 4. Loose waves 5. Distinct waves 6. Slight curls 7. Lots of loose spiral curls 8. Bouncy curls 9. Tight curls 10. Tight S-shaped curls 11. Tight S-shaped curls falling in zigzag pattern.

Combination Hair Type Your hair tips are dry while your hair roots are oily. This type of hair is well-balanced; your hair produces enough oil and has the right level of moisture. You can make any kind of hair style without much difficulty. Your hair has gleam and body.

The last but not the least is the combination hair. Combination hair has attributes of both oily and dry hair. If you have combination hair type, you will have oily scalp and roots but dry tips. It is very difficult to manage this type of hair. If you do not shampoo your hair, your hair tips will look fine, but your scalp will get too oily and irritating. On the contrary, if you shampoo your hair, your scalp will be fine, but the hair tips will get rough and dry.

Thus, you must analyze your hair to determine their type and then use the products accordingly.

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