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How To Have A Great Time When Your Boyfriend Is Out Of Town

One of the turning points in any new relationship comes when you realize that you’re part of a couple. A couple with habits and routines of their own. You’ve successfully (I hope!) merged your single self into couple mode.

It can come as a bit of a shock when you’re sweetie goes out of town for a few days. If you’re used to him being around a lot, those few days without him may make you wonder what to do with yourself. That doesn’t mean you’re dependent and can’t function on your own; it just means your routine has been thrown for a loop. Besides, you love ’em so you miss ’em.

Fear not! This is really a glass half full kind of thing. Believe it or not, there are a few good things that go along with being alone while you’re in a relationship. Don’t believe me? Read on;

Letting go

Okay, not ugly ugly (theres never any reason to not take care of yourself. That should not be dependent on a loves presence) but you can safely get away with not shaving your legs or worry about hanging around in your oh-so-comfy but totally unflattering sweatpants.

It can be such a refreshing break to have a bit of time when you dont have to worry about looking your hottest. And the relaxation factor associated with that will leave you looking even more ravishing when your honey returns.

You time

The last few months have probably gone something like this; you spend time at each other’s place doing couple stuff. Your plants have been neglected, you haven’t done your laundry in weeks, and the bills are piling up. Being caught up in a lover’s haze is wonderful, but it does mean that things are left undone. Now is a great time to catch up.

Pretend youre in a long distance relationship

Even a new relationship can benefit from having things changed up. You’re used to the normal romantic plans that come with dating in person. Now is your chance to find out what it’s like to have a long distance relationship.

Get a little naughty on the phone before bed or send sexy pictures via email. If you really want to surprise him, send a love letter from home to his hotel. No one ever expects mail at hotels. And its so old worldI mean, really, in the age of hyper-convenience, how many couples get to live out the whole lovers-separated-by-long-distances fantasy? Do it up! Itll be a fun way to make sure the time apart actually brings you closer together.

Rediscover your friends

This shouldn’t really deserve a mention because it’s a no brainer. Seriously though, you know how you felt when your best friend became involved with someone. You saw far less of her than you liked and you missed her company. Well, your friends feel the same way about you. This is the perfect time for uninterrupted catch up.

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