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How To Get Your Home Pedicure Done Cheaply

Many women enjoy the pleasures of having a pedicure. What woman does not deserve to have the fabulous feeling of being pampered? After being on your feet in heels all day long, having a pedicure at the end of a long day is just icing on the cake.

There isn’t a woman who does not want to look her best for the upcoming summer season. The majority of women want all the attention they can get and having their feet look their best is just a great confidence booster.

Begin your personal pedicure within your own home simply by getting a bucket of hot water. Fold up a soft, thick towel into the shape of a square, then add it to the hot water and place it at the bottom of your bucket. As you are soaking your feet, the wet towel gives a more comfortable area for your feet to rest.

A natural disinfectant such as Epsom salt would be great added to the bucket of hot water you are soaking your feet in. Another suggestion is using any type of vapor bath that is available on the market that includes eucalyptus or menthol in it.

To be sure your toes are groomed their best, begin by removing any old polish off your toes with some sort of cotton ball or cotton pad and finger-nail polish remover.

To help soften dry cuticles use a bit of olive oil and gently rub it into the cuticle area. Your toe nails should always be cut straight across. The edges of your toenails and the sides will need to be smoothed down using a nail file once they have been clipped with clippers.

For five minutes in hot water let your feet soak, then allow them to rest along the side of your bucket. Take a file designed especially for feet and dip it into the water. Use the file to gently smooth the heels and balls of both your feet to get them completely smooth. Once you have done this then simply pat your feet dry, sit back and relax.

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