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How To Get Slim Arms

If you really want to learn how to get thin arms and you drink lots of juice, please stop! Fruit juice causes arm fat gain. Period.

All the late night infomercials, however, would have you believe otherwise. The key here is to ignore those compelling images of fit people thrusting every type of fruit imaginable down the juicer.

How can juice get such a bad rap? Because of sugar. Lots of sugar makes your body secrete lots of insulin. And insulin will block arm fat burning.

Still not convinced? Here are 4 more things to consider about fruit juice and slim arms:

1. Your liver doesn’t like it. Well, your liver probably doesn’t have an opinion but fruit juice can cause your liver to produce more cholesterol and fatty acids. And these two are not good for you.

2. Elite research shows that it increases fat. Peer reviewed research has shown that ONLY 12 oz of fruit juice per day is directly correlated with obesity. Still want to have that giant carafe of freshly squeezed juice?

3. No pulp. Without pulp there’s no fiber. And without fiber insulin runs wild. Remember, that insulin causes arm fat gain.

4. Most processed fruit juice doesn’t have hardly any nutrients. Related to the previous point, most of a fruits’ nutrients are concentrated in the peel! Apple peels, for instance, have 200% more antioxidant capacity then just the apple fruit.

The bottom line here is that fruit juice will only set you back if you’re serious about getting slim and thin arms. Now I understand that some women really like juice. If this is the case with you, all you have to do is minimize the damage. Simply have small servings of juice and include as much pulp as possible. This will slow down the digestion of the sugar and provide many nutrients as well.

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