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How To Get Rid Of An Ingrown Hair Easily

Ingrown hair has been a growing cause of concern and no one is able to point out the reason for their growth. The hair growing back into your skin is called the ingrown hair.

The treatment for these can be done by mixing two or more methods or products. The tips here would help you in the process.

Before the shaving:

1.The hair to be removed has to be softened using some hot water. 2.A moisturizing mild soap to be used on the area. 3.Add a pre-shave oil to eliminate chances of bruises. 4.Now put the shaving gel/foam. 5.This has to be done after every round. 6.Use alcohol for cleaning but ensure the razor doesn’t have any on it when shaving.

Removing the hair:

1.Proceed in one direction. 2.Only use sharp razors. 3.Razors to be washed after every stroke. 4.Electric ones are not to be used.

After the shave:

1.Use an aftershave designed for this purpose. 2.Avoid alcohol. 3.Apply a gentle anti-bacterial soap. 4.Apply a moisturizing cream. 5.Counter the infection with antibiotics such as benzoyl peroxide and peroxide.


1.Keep the skin clean and moist. 2.Dead skin to be scrubbed.

Removing ingrown hair

1.You can use sterile tweezers to pull the ingrown hair out after applying a hot towel over it. 2.Not shaving for some time would help in the prevention of growth. 3.Many products in the market advertise to remove these unwanted hair but not all are good.

To do:

1.Consult a skin doctor for infection. 2.Use only mild products on the area. Avoid alcohol, regular soaps or aggressive scrubs. 3.For more persistent growth, combine one or two products or methods. 4.Consistency in treatment will only give you the desired outcome. 5.You can suffer a set back with just one bad shave. Even if you get the desired result, don’t stop with your treatment.

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