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How To Get A HomeFacelift Without Surgery

We are a nation obsessed with beauty and youth and we put much value and emphasis on our looks. This could be why cosmetic face surgery is such a popular procedure in our culture. Its not just for the rich and famous anymore.

Cosmetic facelift surgery (also called Rhytidectomy) is intended to help remove the signs of aging in both the neck and face. Specifically sagging and creases get smoothed, fatty deposits are removed (like jowls), double chins get tucked, eyelids may be tightened, and so forth.

If youre unhappy with those wrinkles and sagging face lines, then facelift surgery might be something to consider. You should know, however, that a cosmetic surgery facelift will not change your appearance like other plastic surgery does, and it certainly wont stop the signs of aging from returning eventually. So its a good idea to consult with a reputable facelift surgeon and detail out both your expectations and questions.

All surgery has some risks and you should be aware of them before hand. Scarring, infections, nerve damage, and swelling are possible side effects of a face lift. Also, un-symmetrical facial features are possible.

Costs of Face Lift: Cosmetic facelift surgery costs vary from doctor to doctor and state to state. Fees usually run between $7,000 – $18,000 and this usually includes the surgeons fees, anesthesia fee, and facility/hospital fee. The cost also depends on how extensive your surgery is. Some people combine other face enhancement procedures like a nose job.

Alternative to Face Lift: If you are looking for a more safer, less costly alternative to look younger and to lift your facial features. There is an excellent way you can take control of your aging face at home for almost no money at all….by performing Face Exercises. Click on the following to see a Free Video for Crow’s Feet

Just like the muscles of the body, the face benefits from daily workouts. Studies have proven that those who exercise the facial muscles daily look younger and more rested than those who do not.

Face Exercises not only lift sagging muscles and tighten the skin, but can also improve your complexion, skin color, pore size and increase nourishing blood flow to the skin. The best part is facial exercises are inexpensive, free of side effects and provide a nice natural look. Try these Free Face Exercises

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