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How To Gain Height – Gain A Few More Inches Using These Methods

How to gain height, on top of how to get promoted at work faster and how to live a generally comfortable life, is a common problem among height-challenged individuals. The good news is, there are a lot of available solutions to problematic height. There are a few things you can do to enhance your profile.

First, get sufficient sleep. Sleep-deficient individuals often struggle with the issue of height. This is because their bodies don’t receive the amount of rest their bodies require before it can fully use up the body processes related to growth. During sleep, these processes stimulate the release of growth hormone into the bloodstream. This entire period is sufficient to allow growth hormones to circulate all parts of the body.

Second, get enough food. A well-balanced diet highly influences the speed by which growth processes occur inside the body. For those people who do not receive the necessary nutrition to trigger and sustain growth, it is only logical for them to grow shorter than their well-fed counterparts. The key here is to eat healthy foods in moderation and to avoid packing up unnecessary weight. Otherwise, it would be very difficult for the body to pull itself up.

Third, enhance your posture. Many people do not understand that their posture has a lot to do with their height. When all parts of the body are properly aligned with an erect spine, not only will the body appear taller, but it will actually gain anywhere from one to two inches.

Fourth, mind your wardrobe. One’s wardrobe can either deny or give its owner a few inches. So take a good look at your wardrobe and see which design and fit can be added to allow you a few more inches. Men might want to add extra shirts that have pinstripes design as these can actually make the wearer look taller because their designs give the illusion of elongation. Meanwhile, women can indulge themselves with good-fitting clothes, tall hats, and high heels. Women should be cautious about wearing heels though, since these come with a price – the combination of postural problems, poor balance, and structural strains on the muscles of the feet, thigh, calves and lower back.

Fifth, wear a hairstyle that gives the illusion of height. And, remember not to cover your face with hair. A short person should highlight his or her face and not cover it. Thus, it is best to avoid long locks and voluminous hair. Instead, stick to hairstyles that keep your hair off your neck and give added volume to your head, especially around the top of the head. For this work, short bobs come highly recommended. But, for those who don’t mind trying something out of the box, a spiky hair is just the right style.

While there is no sure-fire way to resolve the issue of how to gain height, it is good to note that the abovementioned techniques can really increase height, oftentimes even instantly.

Having been short most of my life, I have indulged myself in thousands of hours in researching solutions on how to gain height. Over the years, I have become quite learned in the techniques used to improve height and compiled them in my website.