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How To Find Effective Anti-aging Creams That Work?

I can tell from experience that the aging process is not easy which is why women are prepared to spend a LOT of money on anti-aging creams with the latest hi-tech ingredients. But how can we find anti-aging creams that work and what ingredients should we look out for? Which anti-aging creams are effective

According to research and trials many creams appear not to be effective

Often there was only a mild improvement of 10% or less which is barely visible. Although this is discouraging the research also showed that it has not prevented us from buying anti-aging creams. So beauty companies are still putting in a lot of research and development in order to create the best and most effective anti-aging creams possible.

But are there not many anti-aging cream ingredients that have proven to be successful?

Yes, ingredients like AHA products, some hormones, vitamins A, C and E all benefit skin anti-aging. But many trials with these products have been disappointing.

Part of the reason for this is that low doses of effective ingredients are used in most creams in order to avoid allergic reactions. Antoher reason is that wrinkles are essentially scar tissue which is difficult to remove once it is formed. So early treatment is required. However, high strength anti-aging creams can help with the reduced appearance of the wrinkles.

High strength creams are more aggressive and use a high percentages of ingredients like AHAs which can cause skin irritation in some or other allergic reactions. Since main stream products want to appeal to the masses and don’t want to incur bad reviews or even law suits they tend to stick with less effective creams that don’t irritate the skin.

More effective creams (and more aggressive) are being used in private aesthetic clinics and by dermatologists. They are in a position to analyse the skin and prescribe the correct anti-aging cream for your skin type. That is why brands such as Dermalogica and SkinCeuticals are often only available at private clinics.

Your skin specialist can properly asses the skin and also monitor for any irritation caused by the cream. She can then adjust or prescribe a less aggressive cream. Having a cream that actually delivers results, together with the monitoring of a professional can really help the anti-aging process of your skin.

If you feel confident and know your skin you can buy these effective anti-aging creams conveniently online. For further anti-aging news visit our anti-aging website.

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