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How To Dress Decently On Your First Date

When you are getting ready for a date, you probably think things through in great detail. What to wear? Does this necklace go with the dress? Heels or flats? All of these questions are fun and important. But it is also important to pay attention to what your outfit says, as well as what it looks like. Send the wrong message, and your chances of another date plummet.

Think of it this way: on a date, especially a first date, your clothing send a message. Consider what message you want to send to your date. Since the person likely does not know you well yet, he or she will be looking for clues about who you are. Consider how to handle this, and base your clothing choices on the clues you want to set out.

Avoid some of the worst wardrobe choices, listed below:

1. Over-glitziness: Don’t try to be super-showy in your clothing choices. Loading up with trendy items, or glittery or shiny pieces, will make you stand out – in a negative way. Let your personality show, but don’t let it holler.

2. Precious clothing: You want to put forward a youthful but adult, and classy, demeanor. Avoid anything that is fluffy and frilly and overly cutesy.

3. Tomboy clothes: You will want to play up your femininity on a date. Now is not the time to slip into your overalls, your boyfriend jeans, or your basketball shorts.

Your date is on a date with a woman, and this is by choice. Don’t wear clothing that looks like he could reasonably borrow it. This is not attractive.

4. Revealed undergarments: Few things come across as tackier or sloppier as visible underwear. Your thong should not show over the waist of your jeans, nor should your bra strap peek out past the strap of a tank. Undergarments that are readily visible is too much public familiarity. Your date may have the chance to see these items firsthand at a later time, but that should be by mutual choice, not because of a wardrobe problem.

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