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How To Choose The Perfect Aquamarine Bracelet

An aquamarine bracelet is a wrist adornment made from elastic or metallic bands embedded or decorated with aquamarine stones. Highlighting green or blue eyes, aquamarine bracelets may be worn in formal and casual occasions. Aquamarine is transparent beryl variety with hexagonal crystal structures, delicately colored azure or turquoise like seawater. Closely related to emeralds, aquamarine is the birthstone of those born in the month of March.

If you’re to get your own aquamarine bracelet, it is best that you familiarize yourself with the different options available. For starters, there are the studded aquamarine bracelets, which are made from flexible or solid bands with little embedded aquamarine stones. These are perfect for formal occasions and to wear in the evening. Charm aquamarine bracelets, on the other hand, are made using metal chains with one or several dangling ornaments made from aquamarine.

Where you use charm aquamarine bracelets depends on the design so it is possible to wear them to both casual and formal occasions. As for aquamarine bangles, they are solid, non-flexible, metal bands that feature aquamarine studs. They may come as a single band or part of a set. Chain aquamarine bracelets, on the other hand, are metal links with aquamarine stones embedded, combined with other stones for a flashier design, while beaded aquamarine bracelets make use of aquamarine beads strung along nylon cords. The aquamarine stones may come in different shapes and sizes and may be combined with other stones as well.

Look for an aquamarine bracelet that has deep-colored stones as they are best for practically any outfit. These stones are much more precious though so expect them to be more expensive. Look for closure systems that make it easy for you to put the bracelet on and remove on your own.

For casual settings, a nylon cord bracelet will allow you to easily slip the bracelet over your hands for your convenience. Complete information on a recommended aquamarine bracelet is available Picky Guide, the authority in free consumer advice. Access most competitively priced bracelets in Picky Guide’s recommended products section.

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