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How To Choose The Beneficial Fit In A Cosmetology Career

One of the more creative fields in the working world is a cosmetology career. Cosmetologists are known for making people look their very best. This is through cutting, coloring, and styling hair, applying makeup, giving manicures, pedicures, and selling cosmetics. These are just a few of the things a cosmetologist does.

Cosmetologists have an obligation to obtain a license by attending classes and taking the necessary tests. They can choose to do specialized cosmetic fields like coloring hair and styling wigs. It is necessary to maintain cosmetic education in order to keep their license.

Hairstyling is a popular cosmetology career. This is a job in which one must stay current in trends and often suggest a style based on what the customer wants, but also on what look suits a client. Though they shampoo, cut, and style; often additional services are offered including hair extensions, coloring, and treatments to maintain a healthy head of hair.

Becoming a makeup artist is a cosmetology career that can expand beyond just the normal makeup. Some artist learn how to apply makeup for stage and film. Some use their career to work in a department store; some start their own cosmetic lines. The field offers a wide variety of options.

For makeup artists, plenty find work in a salon or a spa. They teach clients how to put on makeup, but are also known to make beauty suggestions according to the way skin looks and feels.

Some makeup artists choose the film and stage industry. Makeup becomes part of the feature, reflecting the way an actor or actress feels, creating something visual for certain genres such as horror, or applying makeup before an appearance. In stage and film applying prosthesis as part of the makeup is another field and requires quite a bit of talent.

Being a manicurist may mean taking on more than nails when seeing a client. Painting nails is a focal point, but more times than not an appointment includes extra. Nails are only one aspect of the job. Nails are designed based on how a client will dress, be it for an outfit or event. Fingernails and toenails are looked at before work is done, and if necessary, a client may be treated with products that condition hands and nails. With customers wanting to have acrylics and other nail extensions applied, being patient and steady with application is necessary.

Manicurists often work in a salon setting. Clients make appointments or walk in off the street. They tend to do more than nails. In the realm of cosmetology, many of these nail salons also offer body waxing and eyebrow shaping. A manicurist may also build a personal list of clients that choose to only see them or they may visit a client’s home.

The cosmetology career is a storied one. Things such as hairstyling and makeup application are thousands of years old. The whole business is service oriented built to beautify each client, one at a time. Some jobs require quite a bit of standing and some quite a bit of sitting. Those looking for a career in cosmetology should understand where strengths and weaknesses lie and go with what they love but are most expert at.

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