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How To Care For Your Linen Trousers

Being the oldest natural fiber, linen is the perfect fabric to wear on hot summer days. Linen clothing, especially linen trousers, feels great on your skin and is casual, but still fashionable.

Before giving you advice about how to take care of your linen trousers, be sure that you buy your clothes from a high-quality shop. This being said, it`s time to learn how to wash, iron and dry linen. Whether you are fond of linens notorious wrinkling or you prefer pressing linen to keep it crisp, it needs special care. If cared for properly, linen clothing can last for years, and remain in excellent condition.

If you choose to dry your linen garments in a machine dryer, it is important not to over-dry linen. It may cause fading and heat can produce damage as well. Ironing your trousers is not obligatory. Still, if you want ironing them make sure they are still damp and that you use low temperature. For storage it is important to keep linen trousers flat. Do not fold linen clothing and keep it in a dry environment.

Drying linen trousers must be done carefully. First of all, if you use machine drier do not over dry them. This may cause your trousers to become starchy losing their flexibility. If you let them to sundry be sure to remove them while still damp. Colored linen fabric can lose their brightness.

If care instructions provide for both dry cleaning and washing the choice is entirely yours. If you prefer dry cleaning to laundering, turn to dry cleaners who work on the premises. It would be also a good idea to find out whether solvents are regularly changed. If they are not, there is a risk that your white linens may turn gray or yellow.

We love the look – at least when we first put it on. Linen is notorious for wrinkling, and in an odd way, that is part of its charm. This goes for linen trousers too. Whether you wear them wrinkled or pressed, linen trousers make a great outfit for the summer that awaits us.

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