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How To Apply Professional Make-Up

The average consumer now has access to a wide variety of professional makeup products. This was not always the case. Previously, professional makeup was not often used by the public, nor was it available for purchase.

This is because professional makeup used to have the color range and consistency of what we now think of as ‘stage makeup.’ It was often in a cake, and was like ‘greasepaint.’ Most women would avoid these products for everyday wear of course.

Makeup has improved as technology has improved. Our imaging technology allows for much finer images – and thus the makeup used by actors in movies and on television can be much more subtle. And this subtler makeup is a lot more wearable for those of us not on the screen.

You may be thinking, I can’t possibly afford professional makeup! You might be surprised at how affordable it is. Professionals are impressed by quality and effect, not by brand or packaging. Often, they use less expensive products or even drugstore products, because these items are easy to use and do a great job.

It is not hard to discover which products are used by professionals. If you read beauty reviews, often the reviewer will note if a product is popular with makeup artists. If the product is often a choice of professionals, you can trust the product. Makeup artists know what works and what does not, and are not tolerant of poor quality items or products that are hard to apply.

Professionals also know how to apply makeup with precision and skill. You can make the most of your professional makeup purchases by following these tips from the pros:

A professional brush makes all of the difference for applying eye makeup. You’ll be more likely to achieve your desired look if you use a quality brush, because it will increase your control.

Don’t skimp on eyeliner; use the best you can find and afford. Eyeliner defines the eyes and opens up the whole face. Line the upper eye for daytime wear. Apply liner to both upper and lower lids for nighttime wear. Try to get the line as close to your natural lashline as possible. Professional grade eyeliner is easier to apply.

There are many professional grade makeup palettes available to consumers, such as the Day to Day Palette by Pop Beauty. Investing in a palette is a smart choice because it provides you with a wardrobe of color choices for day and night, and includes eye and cheek colors and often lipsticks as well.

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