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How Online And Catalog Gardening Offers Can Add To Your Yard

Gardeners are avid collectors. They are always on the lookout for more of what they love or the newest item in a favored assortment. Online and catalog gardening offers feed that passion and consistently deliver the goods.

The biggest benefit of gardening direct growers and distributors is the massive selection. There are no single nurseries that carry all of the available plants seen in a catalog and have them ready and in stock for you to take home. Nurseries with online stores and catalogs have gardening offers that run from the exotic to the popular and everything in between.

Local garden centers are also famous for only carrying the most popular seeds and ignoring the rest. When buying from a mail order company, you take advantage of their global reach and can browse through a nearly unlimited selection of seeds. Whether in a pre-designed garden or in coordinating colors, they have the seeds you need.

Some gardeners are hesitant to order from these companies. They might be worried because they cannot see the plants beforehand. Or they might worry that the plants will be damaged during shipping. Reputable gardening direct companies will work hard to reassure their customers on both of these points.

Even though you don’t choose them yourself, only the healthiest plants are shipped. If you are not satisfied or the plants become sick or die, most companies will offer a replacement or a full refund. You can be confident that direct growers will stand behind their products and warranties.

As for concerns about shipping, plants are most often shipped in the dormant stage. This allows them to handle the dark and dry conditions, as well as the rough handling that can happen through the postal system. Any damage noticed once the package is opened should be reported and the plants will be covered by the same warranty mentioned above.

Seeds purchased by mail seem less of a risk to many gardeners. There is a variety of established companies that have sold seeds across the globe for years. Seeds are quite durable and hard to damage, even during shipping. One pack of seeds is the same as another, even when purchased in a local store, so the selection is not an issue. These make mail order seeds a simple and popular choice.

Gardeners can also save money by taking advantage of online and catalog gardening offers. Selling directly to the consumer eliminates overhead costs for the nursery and they can then pass that on to customers. Buying younger plants is another way to save money and with a little attention, a gardener can have the same success as with an established plant.

Plants and seeds purchased in this way often come with care instructions, saving time. When you take a chance on an exotic, it’s handy to have some expert direction right off the bat. Some companies even offer packages of color coordinated gardens or light exposure layouts (for shade or full sun).

Gardening offers through direct growers help to fill your yard with the exact plants you’re looking for. They offer vast selection, a full warranty and even save you money, adding to the yard and the pocketbook.

Russell is a keen Gardner and is an expert at discovering the very best dealsin gardening plants and seeds. He also writes regularly for Gardening Guru, where they specialize in gardening direct plants