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How Mens Sports Watches Evolved

About the time of the First World War gentlemen carried pocket watches, wrist watches were made for women and considered women’s jewelry. It was the Generals of the Armies of that time that saw the need for a time piece to be carried by their soldiers that was more accessible than a pocket watch. It had to be easily accessible, convenient and durable. This created the evolution of the wrist watch for men and the three major areas or categories of Mens Sports Watches that we see today.

Mens Sports Watches have not only become a fashion statement but are in high demand by professional sports men in their respective disciplines, who also demand the best. And through past experience and growing competition the simple wrist watch has morphed into many variations of styles and functionality. This can vary from a simple analog movement of hour hand, minute hand, and second hand with a numbered rotating bezel. To a multifunctional wrist computer that can track time in three zones, time a race and sound an alarm set to a predetermined figure. The main characteristic though is a large face with bold numbers and can be read in the dark.

In looking at these three categories we can see the influence of the three main branches of the armed forces, the Airforce, the Army, and the Navy. Each has its unique requirements for the job that it is being employed in. The areas are; the Pilot or Aviator Watch, The Marine or Dive Watch, and the Racing Watch. Although a standard watch could be used for all areas, it would not stand up to the rigors, nor have the extra functionality necessary for the job.

Pilots and Aviators require their time pieces to be able to withstand the rapid transition from ground level to high altitudes with low pressure and temperatures, without fogging or loss of accuracy of time. The mariner or Diver on the other hand works in an environment that is highly corrosive, wet and sometimes have to descend depths under high pressure that could cause his watch to implode or leak creating a dangerous situation. Racing Drivers on the other hand expect their watches to operate in cold or hot conditions with constant vibrations, take a banging and keep accurate lap and stage times.

There are other fields or professions that have different specifications for their chronographs that are just as demanding; specifications that can vary from heartbeat monitors to GPS systems. But in general most Mens Sports Watches are made for the three traditional areas or categories as that’s where the demand lies.

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