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How Many Times Can I Light a Typical Cigar Lighter?

Having a working, quality lighter is vital to enjoying your pastime. No matter whether you use torch lighters, Zippo lighters or disposable lighters, you might just find yourself wondering how many times it will light. This is an important question, as the answer will determine just how much you have to spend on lighter fluid or new lighters. How many lights does the average cigar lighter provide?

Unfortunately for confirmed smokers, there is no simple answer to this question. The number of lights that a lighter is capable of producing does not necessarily equate to the number of cigars you can light. Why is this? It all boils down to flame configuration and the duration of your light. Whats this all about? In order to understand this conundrum, youll need to know more about the lighting process, itself.

Now, at least one disposable lighter manufacturer claims that their products will light 3,000 times. This is a bit misleading. Of course, its possible to light a lighter that many times, but do not expect the average lighter to light 3,000 cigars, or even to give you that many relights. Why is there such a disparity in the provided information and reality?

It all comes down to how long you maintain that flame, what configuration of flames you have and how long it takes you to light your cigar. For instance, a double or triple jet lighter will go through fuel far faster than a single jet lighter. A single flame butane lighter will consume even less fuel than a single jet lighter. However, the average cigar takes time to light. During this time, your lighter remains lit, burning fuel the entire time.

Therefore, the amount of time that it takes you to light your cigar is directly proportional to the total number of lights you get out of that lighter. Does this sound confusing? If so, then you are not alone. The best option for you if you simply must know how many lights youll get out of the average cigar lighter is to put one to the test. Pickup an affordable cigar lighter and track how many cigars you are able to light with it. This will give you a good benchmark for future lighter purchases.

Brian is a consultant for an online specialty lighters store and has expert knowledge of cigar accessories, including Colibri lighter s.