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How Botox Treatments Can Repair The Damage Caused To You By The Sun

Have you noticed how more and more people are interested in Botox treatments? Well, you can blame it largely on the more intense sun that we all seeing these days.

Besides sunlight causing skin aging, it also results in you having to squint, which in turn, creates wrinkling around the eyes prematurely, says medical cosmetic practitioner Dr Mariusz Gajewski of Star Cosmetic Medicine in New South Wales, Australia.

According to Dr Gajewski, skin aging has three central causes. Firstly, there is the assault of the sun on the collagen and elastin fibres in your skin that keep it firm and smooth. Next, the sun’s UV rays cause modifications to skin texture and pigmentation. Lastly, there is the apparent movement of muscles under the surface of the skin which leads to an increase in the lines that show on the outer surface of it.

The first two of these three issues can be largely prevented by the use of good quality sun protection, but that solution has no effect on the the third issue. To repair the damage done by the sun to our facial muscle movements, Botox treatment is required.

The most frequent areas for Botox injections are in the upper part of the forehead, the “frown” point between the eyebrows and the outer corner of the eyes. Depending on your age, and how much time you spend in the sun, you may have already noticed these problem areas on your own face.

For some people, the lines and wrinkles on their face show permanently, whilst others are slightly better off in that they only appear when they make certain facial expressions. However, once lines and wrinkles have started to develop as part of some facial expressions, the facial muscles will begin to adapt and before long they will probably be permenant.

It is a relatively quick and simple procedure to have botox injection to improve your looks. After having a series of small injections, administered by a doctor, in your affected facial areas, you are free to go home the same day. How many rounds of injections you need is dependent on how many, and how deep, your lines and wrinkles are; if you only suffer mildly from them, you may only need one lot of injections.

You do not have to concerned about side effects, as they are minor at worst. The most common problems are temporary bruising, swelling and pinprick pain at the injection site, explains Dr Mariusz Gajewski. They are uncomfortable, rather than painful, and last for just a day or two after having a set of botox injections.

You need to act with caution though, as the over use of botox injections is the only real problem with them. Having the right amount of treatment will leave you looking fresher and revitalized, but have too much and you will look somewhat plastic and inexpressive.

If you would like Botox injections, remember that you need someone with the expertise and experience to determine where and how much to inject. Dr Mariusz Gajewski of Sydney’s Star Cosmetic Medicine suggests asking your GP or dermatologist for a recommendation.

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