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How A Orthodontist In Sevierville Addresses Overbite Issues In Community

People who suffer from overbites would do well to have it corrected. There are several reasons to fix overbites, beyond just the way they look. A Sevierville orthodontist has methods of correcting your overbite.

The dental condition known as an overbite happens when your front teeth above come out beyond your front teeth below. The teeth above and below usually do not touch and there are cases where it is impossible to see the incisors below. It occurs when the teeth on top or the bone supporting them are too developed. At least, they are overdeveloped when compared to the jaw below.

Many times, people want an overbite corrected because their smiles are not attractive. But overbites can also lead your teeth to function improperly. They can cause problems with the joint of the jaw and they can also wear on your gums and teeth.

It is possible to correct overbites through care by an orthodontist. The severity of the overbite will determine the method that will be used. Among the possibilities are straightening, surgery or braces.

For the most part, it is a problem that is simpler to address in small children as they have jaws that can be manipulated more easily. Because of this, proper growth can often be guide using the straightening method which involves an orthodontic device similar to a retainer. Devices of this type are removable.

If the overbite is not dealt with until the teen years or adulthood, it is likely that braces will be necessary. This is also true if the straightening begun earlier does not fully correct the problem. Braces will need to be kept for up to two and a half years but can be less. Fortunately, there is the option now of clear braces that do not carry the same stigma as the metal ones.

If an overbite is quite severe, surgery may be recommended. More often than not, though, procedures which are less invasive will work. You can talk to a Sevierville orthodontist and ask for advice on what is the best solution for your particular situation.

No one likes going to the orthodontist, but the Sevierville Orthodontist will make it as easy as possible. They are there to brighten up your smile.