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Hot Item: Animal Rubber Bands

If you’ve yet to hear about Animal rubber bands, you’re bound to be bombarded in the next few months. First appearing on the scene in 2002 as a specialty product of an older company, the rubber band craze has compelled manufactures and retails from all the across the globe to get in on the fad.

As early as 2005, this product began to spread across the United States, East Coast to West, capturing the attention of school age children, teenagers and even college aged young adults. They’ve become increasingly popular in offices as well, but their appeal remains greatest with the youth culture, who are more than happy to flick them around, use them as bracelets or trade them like collectible cards!

What is it that makes a simple animal shaped office supply so irresistible?

It could be the bright colors, the range of which is expanding proportionately to the bands still growing popularity. Or it could be the large selection of animals to available to choose from: crustaceans, commonly known zoo animals, every day house hold pets, reptiles, birds, fish and even dinosaurs.

Still, credit must be given to the recent versions’ elastic limit, which is surprisingly forgiving and surely to blame for their world wide notoriety.

While the original bands first show cased in the early part of the new millennium were made out of the same common rubber material as other traditional bands of the time, those debuted in 2005 were manufactured out of a distinct material: silicone.

The silicone in these bands are what permits the product to stretch out farther and stay that way for longer periods of time without compromising the overall shape of the band. It also makes it more durable, resilient and prone to a longer use life.

The latest models available today are extremely elastic and very good at retaining their shape over all and returning to it promptly, even after multiple periods of prolonged use. Best of all, they are perfectly capable of handling the usual necessary rubber band demanding tasks, whether in the home, in the office or in the classroom.

Many in the children’s products industry have likened the animal band craze to the very similar beanie baby fad of the nineties, which spread to a world wide phenomenon in just a few short months.

Due to this explosion of popularity, competition between manufacturers has been fierce and unrelenting, pushing the quality of similar copy cat products to their best in the process, and the consumers don’t really seem to distinguish between brands. This fact is wonderful for competing retailers, whose concerns lie with keeping their shelves stocked with a product known to sell out hours after a new shipment has arrived.

The relatively nonexistent role of the brand in this case is quite uncommon, but largely due to the ambiguity that surrounded the product’s release in 2005, when shortly there after it was discovered that the company promoting the bands at the time was not the original creator of the product, although the company’s spokes people maintained otherwise, stating they had no knowledge that such a product had debuted before. In any case neither children nor college adults have shown a significant tendency toward any one particular brand and all band brands seem to sell at about equal rates.

For many industry insiders, the consensus prediction is that the popularity of the bands will dove tail fast soon after they reach their peak infamy. Market saturation of the product, which has yet to occur, is well on it’s way, they claim and is bound to end the pop culture phenomenon almost as quickly as it began. Get them while they’re hot!

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