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Home Teeth Whitening Products: Find Which Worked Best For Me

After noticing that my teeth had become yellow of the years it became important for me to find a good home teeth whitening product. My teeth have probably become yellow over the years because I enjoy coffee in the mornings and also like to have a good cigar once in a while. Also, sometimes with dinners I will have red wine.

I hated knowing that every time I would have another coffee or a glass of wine that this was just contributing to the problem of my yellow teeth. I really enjoy having coffee in the mornings and it really wakes me up. Occasionally I will also have a cigar if I feel like it or if there is a special occasion. About twice a week I will have a glass of red wine with my dinner. I hated how the things I really liked were making my teeth yellow.

I felt so bad about my teeth that eventually I did not even try to smile with my teeth. When I first started noticing how yellow my teeth were I would just try to cover them up with my lips so I could still show a little bit of my teeth so I didn’t look weird while smiling. It also made me feel uncomfortable around people because I always felt they were looking at my teeth when I would talk and made me feel paranoid. This is when I knew I needed to find a home teeth whitening product.

I started doing some research and this almost made everything harder. I had to look for quite a while and read a lot of testimonials and such to really get a good feel for what a good product would be. I had tried so many different products in the past from those silly cheap teeth whitening strips and everything in between.

I came across a product called whiteblast. This really worked well for me and was a huge help. I had very yellow teeth and this product probably whitened my teeth at minimum 4 shades. I was so happy to have found a product that did not burn my gums or taste awful. It took about a week for the results to fully set in but by the end they were really nice and white again. This was such a big improvement and I am ecstatic about this product.

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