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Home Remedies For Teeth Whitening

Although everyone wants whiter teeth, lots of people hate going to the dentist. Until not so long ago, the only way to get your teeth whitened quickly was to go to see the dentist, so a lot of appointments were missed and the teeth whitening sessions were deferred, often indefinitely. In fact, professional teeth whitening does not involve drills, but then a lot of people are ignorant of the whitening process.

When the manufacturers of teeth whitening products became aware of this fact, they began making home remedies for teeth whitening. Not only did home remedies do away with the fear of the dentist’s chair, but it meant that you could undergo your teeth whitening sessions at your leisure. Home remedies are also a great deal less expensive than a visit to the dentist’s. The fact is that the chief cost of professional teeth whitening is the dentist’s time.

If you go down the home remedies’ route, there are two branches you could travel. There are the manufacturers who make bleaching products and there are the true home remedies, which were used many years before chemical whiteners in bottles and tubes became available.

The traditional methods do work and also use fewer ‘chemicals’ that shop-bought. The only idea with home remedies is that they are less powerful, so they have to be put on more often and on a repetitive basis, say weekly or semi-weekly. Here are a few traditional home remedies for teeth whitening you can experiment with:

Bicarbonate of Soda and Water: bicarbonate of soda can be bought in practically all food shops. Mix some bicarb with a half a glass of water and gargle with it, keeping the liquid in contact with your teeth as much and for as long as you can. This should lift a lot of the staining, leaving your teeth cleaner and whiter.

Lemon Juice and Salt: this mixture should be brushed onto the teeth and left to steep a while. Following this process for several minutes, twice a week will lift yellow staining on teeth, but it is not a quick fix, you have to keep at it, just as with all home remedies.

Bay Leaves And Dried Orange Peel: powder the two ingredients and brush them onto your teeth. If you feel it is too dry, you could mix the powder in with your regular tooth paste and leave it in place for a minute or two.

Orange Peel Pith: scrape the pith from the inside of an orange and brush it on your teeth, it will remove light staining and more with frequent use.

The bottom line with all home remedies for teeth whitening is that they take effect over time. They do not work over night, because they do not include harsh chemicals, which many people see as a plus point.

Apart from these home remedies for teeth whitening being chemical free, they are also very cheap, if not free. Consequently, you can try them and if they do not work quickly enough for you, you have lost nothing, but a little time. These home remedies for teeth whitening do not have any side effects, unlike shop bought products.

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