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Holidays To Greek Islands – Details On Assorted Islands

There are many holidays to Greek Islands and you can enjoy plenty of sunshine, tavernas, gorgeous beaches and more. Some of the most popular islands include Zante, Skiathos, Santorini, Rhodes, Mykonos, Lefkas, Kos, Kefelonia, Crete and Corfu. The more peaceful islands include Thassos, Skopelos, Samos, Paros, Naxos, Lesvos, Kalymnos, Ios, Andros and Aegina.

Crete is one of the larger islands and has a mountain range along the western sides. It also has a very diverse and rich culture and history to explore. The main touristy spots are all found on the eastern side of the island but you can still find plenty of empty beaches and glorious nature to explore on the other side of the island.

A less crowded island is Skopelos as the majority is covered by pine forests. There are resorts along the coast but they are scattered. While there are almost no beaches you can still enjoy the lushness of the plum and olive groves. There are many churches and monasteries that dot the hillsides. While not many people stray here it is a popular day trip from the nearby islands.

One of the most popular islands in Greece is Santorini. This island is much more high end and offers many luxury accommodations. You can still see an active volcano off the shore as the island was formed by a volcano eruption. This is also a popular port of call for many cruises.

The island of Mykonos is really a granite block but the many houses make it quite picturesque. This island was once a hit spot for the young and single but has since mellowed into a great family destination. Many people also get married on the island as there are many wedding services offered.

Ikaria is one of the southernmost islands that is known for its thermal springs, red wine and the legend of Icarus. The Island is quite rugged but has recently started to attract tourists.

James Rockford is a USA born journalist who has settled in Greece. Charmed by it beauty and capacious islands he has dedicated this site to inform people about their majesty and wonder. He is very found of letting people about holidays to greek islands on his website.