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History Of Silver Jewelry

Jewelry has been important to mankind since the ancient times. Jewelry has not just been used by men and women to make them look good, but also to signify their rank and position in their respective societies. In some cultures, jewelry has been used as a form of money. In today’s time however, jewelry is mostly used as a piece of adornment. The kind of jewelry worn by a person is an expression of his taste, style, and personality.

Jewelry is mostly made of metals such as gold, silver, bronze, and platinum. These jewelry pieces have the greatest monetary value. Jewelry is also made of materials such as ivory, beads, shells, wood, and stones. But people seem to prefer metallic jewelry to any other form of jewelry.

Of metallic jewelry, silver jewelry has been extremely popular. This is because apart from being very chic and classy, it is also available in a wide price spectrum. Those who can afford to shell out large sums of money; they are able to purchase elaborate and really intricate pieces of silver jewelry.

But if you cannot afford to spend too much money on jewelry, but still want to own one, you from choose from the more inexpensive pieces of silver jewelry such as earrings, bangles, and bracelets that look equally good.

Silver jewelry is the jewelry of choice for all special occasions such as weddings, christenings, and even graduation ceremonies. It is common for family members to gift silver bracelets to a newly-born child or a child who has just received his or her first communion. Even though the child is hardly able to wear the piece of silver jewelry, it is gifted to him or her in order to commemorate the first special occasion in his or her life.

Parents and grandparents are especially known to gift silver jewelry pieces to children to commemorate their landmarks in life such as when they graduate from high school or the university.

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