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HGH pills and Sprays

The discovery of oral HGH spray is actually done by Serendipity. A group of scientists and doctors at the Anti Aging Research Lab discovered that they could obtain HGH molecule that absorbs in the same way scientists try to get absorbed insulin molecule, which is half the size of the HGH molecule. Used a process called cross-linking. HGH is by its nature, is twice the size of molecules of insulin, growth hormone is tapered in its cross-linking. It can be elongated without damage, its called molecular folding, like putting the nerf ball to the hole knot.

Many scientists have also claimed more than 10 years, high-dose injections of growth hormone, ultimately accelerate the aging process, when injected close.

And injection of one international unit is equivalent to 350,000 nanograms. 50,000 nanograms is the approximate amount produced by the body in 24-hour period. This means that the injection is 7 times the quantity normally produced in the body. High blood pressure can occur due to edema (water retention), which may cause too much HGH. If the dose is brought back to normal blood pressure.

Scientists do not know what the long-term effects of chronic overdose of HGH have been. It is possible that continuous HGH overdose can cause health problems, and this is especially problematic for people who regularly inject HGH. There are some documents that show that high levels of HGH can lead to heart problems, because many high-level professional athletes who are abusing HGH showed complications and even death due to cardiac levels of pollution.

In fact, the benefits are extremely important for long-term success of HGH. It is not enough can be given the necessary result and too much can cause health problems. Therefore, except for oral HGH is probably the best choice for someone who is concerned about their long-term health.

Direct injection of HGH has also been shown that it is unnecessary because the body can not absorb the oral form of HGH, HGH, and lower doses may have some impressive health benefits, without the long-term risk of health complications.

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