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Heene Parents Deserve Appropriate Recourse

This has been a wacky week in the news world, thanks to the crazy story of the Heenes. It all started with a police report that stated that their youngest son Falcon had been flown away in a flying saucer that the family had built.

This was no ordinary balloon, it was one shaped and painted like a spacecraft. Filled with helium, it quickly ascended into the air and the media chased it down, everyone having feared the worst for Falcon Heene.

When the saucer landed, it was opened up very cautiously, as no one knew the fate of Falcon. Surprisingly, he was nowhere to be found inside the saucer. Minutes later, it was revealed that Falcon had been hiding inside the family’s attic.

Later that night, the Heenes decided to go onto CNN with Wolf Blitzer to tell the nation of their story. Everything seemed rather ordinary until Falcon blurted out, on camera, that he had been instructed by his parents to hide in the attic for the TV show.

From here, it became quite apparent that this family may have actually staged the whole thing, as they were seeking fame and media attention.

The entire ordeal ran a cost of $2 million, and many are wondering if the Heenes should be criminally charged for this mess should the facts show that they were responsible for it.

Having cost authorities boat loads of money, scaring a nation, and playing around with our emergency response system, there are criminal implications that come with this behavior.

Criminal charges are expected to be filed shortly, and with good reason. This behavior was fraudulent and deserves the appropriate punishment that typically goes with that behavior. I have to feel for the innocent kids for having a set of low life parents.

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