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Having A New Physique With Russian Stim

Without muscles there is nothing the body can do. One would be unable to walk, use their arms and hands to work a computer or carry out the motions of everyday life. In humans and in animals these muscles need to be in good condition to carry out these tasks. The stimulation of muscles to increase their strength and development is not new. The fact was discovered over a hundred years ago. As time has progressed the practice has, by trial and error, arrived at today’s advanced knowledge on the subject. A method that is being used to achieve this is called Russian stim.

The fact that an electrical current can activate muscles was discovered many years ago and it has been studied ever since. Different amounts of this current affects the targeted areas as well as affecting cells, nerves and blood vessels.

One often sees the beautiful physique of a body builder or other health leader. Looking at those arms or chests one wonders how they could accomplish and keep such an outstanding development. A large number of these people are using stimulation in addition to their regular exercising to achieve this goal.

This program will not be effective for those wishing to lose weight. It is agreed, by the medical profession, that the only way this can come about is by exercise and controlled eating. It will, however increase body mass. It is also used to help with injuries to bones, joints, ligaments, and tendons. It is not effective in pain control, but the electronic muscle stimulator is still a successfully proven product nonetheless.

This program is often used when training athletes in various sport competitions. In addition, those with aesthetic goals of just wanting to have a good looking physique or engage in body building competition find this method helpful. The personal goal of the user of the device determines how long it is used.

Using this program to enlarge the muscles has been adapted by many different types of people. Some are athletes preparing for an event. Others might want to compete in body building competitions, or simply improve the overall look of their body by retrieving muscle tone.

Both prescription and over the counter models use the same techniques with the prescription model having stronger electrodes. The one for the general public consists of these connected to a belt, which works is a specified area or as individual units which can be placed in various locations. The electrical force has the power of about a 9 volt battery.

This method, called the Russian stim, does not completely replace exercise, but is used in conjunction with it, if one sincerely wishes to improve muscle mass. The unit contracts and relaxes the area where the electrodes are attached, thus creating the same changes as would occur in voluntary contraction of the muscles.

The electronic muscle stimulator is extremely useful for medical rehabilitation and physical therapy. One specialized ESM product that stands out is the Russian Stim. Known for its pain relief and minimum disturbance, the Russian Stim is a popular technique among many Asian countries.