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Hampstead Football Saturday (Palmers Green)

Hi Lorenzo I know you gave me (Chris) your e-mail address but I lost it. Heres mine ccawfenner Could you put me on your e-mail list and send me actual messages like if you play at the usual time Sat at 13.00 and whenever you change the time for whatever reason (like World Cup matches Thanx mate. By the way Im the one on your team with the pulled calf muscle 3 or 4 weeks ago who had to stay in the goal for the rest of the game which we won by 96. The muscle is much better but this Sat Im invited to a wedding but might show up Sat week. I tried to look up your ad to contact you but couldnt find it. Even my girlfriend who had found you out and told me to join you (she can be very dominant when it comes to guys who should do something in sportif matters couldnt find the original ad. Kind regards Chris