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Halloween Party Ideas

Even if your house isn’t haunted, you can throw a memorable Halloween party this year. Who says a great party has to be expensive? There’s so much you can do with inexpensive accessories, there’s no reason to break the bank to have a fun party.

Depending on who your crowd will be, there are great activities for both the kids and the adults. Kids love to do all the traditional Halloween party things. They can bob for apples or paint their own miniature sized pumpkin. You can set up an area with color-safe paint, inexpensive paint brushes, cups of water, and newspaper for them to paint on top of. A Halloween costume contest works well for both the kids and the adults. You can give a prize for the best in each category. Play Halloween man hunt! This is great for the older kids at the party. One person hides and the others have to seek that person in the dark with a flashlight, only you have a few people dressed up in scary costumes whose job it is to jump out and scare everyone.

All of your vampires will appreciate a Bloody Mary, but you can tint gingerale, seltzer or vodka with red food coloring to make them bloody looking. Add some plastic eye balls to the ice cube tray before you place them in the freezer and you’ve got some scary eye ball cubes for your guests’ drinks.

Halloween Desserts: Nothing could be easier than serving up some spooky cupcakes. Frost your cupcakes in orange icing and use candy corns for the eyes, nose and mouth. Add some plastic spiders to cupcakes with spider webs drawn on them. Cut wafter cookies in half and stick them into the top of the cupcakes to represent graves. Write RIP on the cookies. Have the kids decorate their own caramel apples. Prepare the washed apples by placing popsicle sticks into them. Melt the caramel and keep it in a small crock pot or fondue pot. Place small bowls of treats to dip the apples in around: mini chocolate chips, sprinkles or nuts.

Spooky Decorations: Don’t go crazy buying all kinds of expensive Halloween decorations. The dollar store and the nursery can provide you with everything you need. Hay is cheap and it makes a great base for an outdoor Halloween scene. Just plop a bale on the lawn and add a few mums and pumpkins. Corn husks are great around the doorway and you can leave them up for Thanksgiving, too. In your windows, place candle votives, which you can get for a buck at the dollar store. Dim all your lights in the house and replace some of your light bulbs with black bulbs for a cool looking eerie glow. Buy plain cotton and stretch it across your bushes and indoors it can go on the light fixtures and banisters. Play a spookie cd and place a speaker by an open window so it can be heard outdoors.

And, don’t forget…dress up in a great Halloween costume so your guests won’t recognize you!

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