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Hairdressing: A Career Guide To Get You Started

A hairdressing career can be a popular choice among some folk. There are several options available to young people for following this career option. Here is how to become a hairdresser and acquire the necessary qualifications for acquiring such work.


The NVQ is a qualification picked up while on the job, learning simultaneously. Ranging of level 1 to level 5, it is competence-based and so rewarded based on whether the necessary skills have been learnt. By studying hairdressing, it is necessary to proceed through until fully qualified which a series of tests will reveal. These tests, or job assessments, will be carried out by a qualified assessor, who will also ask questions to test competency against a set criteria. If the assessor deems that you have learnt the necessary amount of information, then they will sign off on your qualification.

Becoming An Apprentice

Similar in someways to the National Vocational Qualification, becoming an apprentice is learning on the job, but also being paid for it as well. Attending both work (the hairdressers) and college at the same time, apprenticeships are often aimed towards sixteen-year-olds as an option for when they leave school, though commitment is necessary as it can take up to five years of study before a full qualification. Fortunately, some apprenticeships lead on to full jobs before the course is done, guaranteeing employment.

Higher Education Qualification

Higher Education offers a foundation degree, which is a qualification formed with the employer to teach all that is required to become a hairdresser in the industry. Flexible enough to allow students to work, should they have a job or busy schedules, the foundation courses are available in both full and part time options. Furthermore, the option to learn online is provided.

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