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Gypsy 05: The Story Behind The Legend

Gypsy 05 started through the efforts of siblings Osi and Dotan Shoham in the spring of 2005. The brother and sister duo is Israel born and bred. Dotan worked in the garment dye industry in Los Angeles while Osi was into advertising in Israel. Osi then moved to Los Angeles to be with her brother in the west coast. From there came Pacific Blue Inc. which is noted in the fashion industry for unique use of color as well as techniques.

Thanks to the clear need for unique attire in the modern day attire industry, the Shohams thought of capitalizing on this part of the market. Dotan’s experience in the garment dye and print industry and Osi’s creative vision was put into good use and Gypsy 05 was therefore born.

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Gypsy 05 is a typically t-shirt line that however incorporates casual dresses, sweaters and pants. It is a flexible approach to living brand that might be both day as well as night clothes for males and females.

The said clothing line is an artistic interpretation of life, culture and beauty and is an artist’s hands brought to life. Osi draws inspiration from nature as well as her surrounding especially Los Angeles and her native Israel. This is reflected in the line they produce. Gypsy 05’s intention is to inspire creativity and free spirit through loyal customers who epitomize positive attitudes in life.

Colors are largely the focus of designers. They employ variations of deep sophisticated shades as well as fresh and soft hues. Unique dye techniques and processes are Gypsy 05’s passion which they symbolize in the garments they produce. Weightless fabrics are given life and dimension throughout the line. A refreshing vision is created with the fusion of fresh fabric and airy colors. The clothing line is a thing of beauty that goes with the seasons.

Right now Gypsy 05 has grown in a much loved and asked for brand with over a thousand branches around the globe. Gypsy 05 has appeared on pages of major publication in the world – thanks to a solid base of celebrity proponents. Osi and Dotan steadily push the envelope when talking about discoveries as well as special, collection-type clothing.

Gypsy 05 is not only a statement of artistry but also a stand for difference in the world. The line carries the motto: “Good planets are hard to find” and with this the battle against environmental exploitation. It is Gypsy’s aim to show the marvels of nature through the art of fashion. As part of their mission for environmental awareness, they incorporate water based printing, low impact dyes as well as organic fabrics. Their designs communicate a simple yet very important message: Recycle, Reduce, Re-planet and be free and confident while being friends with the environment.

They paint a picture of smelling the roses instead of picking them and lazing in the massive sweetness of the sea instead of polluting it. Their nature-inspired theme compliments this stand.