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Guiding Principles for Picking the Proper Sunglasses

More damage is caused by wearing low-grade quality sunglasses although research studies have yet to prove this. The option of buying high-grade quality sunglasses is better for having an assurance of getting the eye defense that you need. It also has a wide selection of styles and gives more comfort to the user.

Protection from the sun?s ultraviolet (UV) rays is the main work of sunglasses. Therefore, it is but proper to choose one that can vouch of taking up most of the high energy visible (HEV) and UV rays. The UV index map of your area can be verified via the AccuWeather website.

Infiltration of UV rays can be absorbed to a certain quantity by nearly all of the sunglasses. The CR-39R plastic lenses can take up to about 88% of the UV rays.

One hundred percent UV rays can be taken up by sunglasses containing polycarbonate. Optical stores sell polarized prescription sunglasses at a costly price however you have the guarantee that they can absorb UV rays 100%. Only 40% UV rays are taken up by cheaper sunglasses containing triacetate.

Lenses which cost less contain acrylic materials which can give you complete or partial permeable defense. Stores of good reputation sell sunglasses that are guaranteed to give you 100% UV shield.

The perception of the color?s saturation and luster can also change depending on the sunglasses used. A neutrally density gray colored lens can dim the colors you see without exactly changing your perception of these colors. Bausch & Lomb used the combination of green and gray for their G-15 tint. This can be seen with their Ray-Ban shades and is extremely suggested. These shades are also purposely made for pilots

The brown polarized lens sharpens misty background and at the same time gives off a warm blush. By cutting out the light from the horizontal meridian, light is allowed to come in from the vertical meridian and thus reflected light is block resulting to a reduced glare. This lens is especially recommended to people who have a lot of outdoor activities to do. Always seek the assistance of an eye provider or any optical store to have an assurance that you get the proper eye protection from your glasses.

Large hats may protect your skin from the sun?s UV rays but it does not give your eyes the proper protection. Therefore, wearing high-grade quality sunglasses that give you the assurance of 100% UV protection is still needed.

If your problem is that sunglasses that provide 100% UV protection are pricey, there are other options which you can very well afford. Better quality chip that can be fitted to your shades frame is a good alternative.

Our eyes must not be taken for granted especially spending time outdoors. Regularly wear your sunglasses to get the needed shield from the damaging effects of UV rays. It is a much needed accessory these days.

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