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Green Screen Studios: Brief Guide To Lighting

If you’re an up-and-coming filmmaker, you must know about the wonders of green screen studios and how it might help you with your film. There are 2 techniques of looking at it ; it could be because you’re on a restricted small budget so you can’t essentially travel to location simply to get the entire look and feel of the Grand ravine or the Niagara Falls.

So instead, you will choose the green screen alternative and have your actors enact a specific scene in front of the green screen only to modify it with a different background in revising. Another way of taking a look at it is that your film has an amazing budget and you have the luxury to use green screen studios to film your actors in an impressive Sci Fi setting which is impossible to do in reality. Irrespective of the reason is, you are looking for green screen studios to shoot your film.

However, before shelling out a weird sum of money to rent a green screen studio or quite probably, make one yourself, you should be familiar with the different limitations and challenges of shooting in a green screen studio. First ordeal that you’ve got to overcome will be the space. Unless you are shooting a highly-budgeted film and you’ve got access to Hollywood’s biggest green screen studios around, you’ll have to address tiny studios with cramp spacing and a particularly limited environment. Before starting out for a green screen studio, you need to measure the distance that you’ll be covering and depending on that, look for a place where you can be correctly homed.

Another thing that you have got to pay most attention on is the lighting. In a green screen studio, it’s critical that light is uniformly and properly distributed all throughout the backdrop. The lighting is all. In a standard eventuality, the most time will be spent on positioning the lights. If you are not exactly a professional in setting up lights, the entire process will take you longer than you want to give it credit for.

However, if you don’t set it up correctly, you’ll be left with very poor videos and the most extreme case is that you’ve got to do a re-shoot simply to patch everything up. Do not be scared to splurge on four hundred watt lights since you will find lots of them on the internet anyways.

There are so many other websites offering various forms of advice on how to use green screen but a lot of them are not very specific or concise. Before following these, be sure to check my own articles and reviews on Green Screen Studios and Green Screen Studio Rentals, You can also reach me at 1-323-851-3825 or [email protected]