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Green Screen Hollywood – Guide to Building

Indie filmmakers no longer need to compromise the quality of their art by having sloppy-looking shots all due to the lack of green screen or “Chroma Key” technology. Renting a studio that accommodates one is very dear and since independent filmmakers are on atiny humble~ tight budget and always on the move, it would be nice if Chroma Key technology screens might be available and prepared anytime, anywhere. Thankfully , conveyable Chroma Key screens can be created. There’s no real need to shell out money just to have green screen Hollywood technology. Making a green screen that is’s perfect for travel and cost cutting is as easy as one, two, and three.

First, prepare all the needed materials for the green screen. This is composed of 2 PVC pipes, pipe connectors, clamps, end caps, and of course, green fabric or green paint. Also make efforts to have safety necessities, such as eye goggles. Second, make sure to cut two PVC pipes. They should be the ideal height for the green screen. Don’t forget to cut the PVC pipes properly ; there should be no pointed edges or cracks. Messy cutting of the PVC pipes might decrease the durability of the final product. Use caution when cutting the pipe— waste might get into your eyes, so it’s best to wear shades while building the transportable screen.

Third, cut each one of the pipes in half and place a pipe connector in the middle of every one. Having the connectors will make the green screen simple to carry around. Again, always make efforts to be safe when cutting the pipes. Fourth, in order to have movable green screen Hollywood technology, take another pipe and cut them into to equal quantities. They deserve to be approximately four to six inches shorter than the actual width of the green fabric. To illustrate, a fabric with a 50 inch width must have pipes that are 44 or 46 inches.

5th, build a stand for the transportable green screen. Cut the last PVC pipe into 4 parts. They should all have equal lengths. Connect 2 pieces of the PVC pipe with a pipe connector. Repeat this step for the remaining pipes. Make sure to put end caps at the end of all of the PVC pipes. Sixth, cut two six-inch parts from the leftover PVC pipe and use them as spacers at the base of the finished frame. Affix it to the pipe connector.

seventh, assemble the parts. Use glue to secure the pipe connectors to one section of the PVC pipe so they will be prepared for travel. Make efforts to apply glue correctly so no parts will fall off during transit. Finally, get the clamps and attach the green fabric to the top sides of the frame. Put the fabric properly so it will fall nicely. There should not be any creases when the fabric hangs. Now, even the indie filmmaker can take advantage of green screen Hollywood technology. A portable Chroma Key screen is another tool that can help a low budget flick gets higher quality.

There are a lot of other sites giving different forms of advice on how to use green screen but most of them are not very specific or precise. Before following these, make sure to check my own articles and reviews on Green Screen Studio and Green Screen Studio Rentals, You can also reach me at 1-323-851-3825 or [email protected]